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Pet Purchasing Protection

An Animal must be examined by a veterinarian with in 5 days of being offered for sale.
Examination results must be included in the animal history and health certificate.
Each cage must have a label with sex, breed, date and place of birth along with date of initial vet examination of the animal.
If an animal was examined more than 14 days prior to it is purchased, the pet must be re-examined within 3 days of delivery to consumer.  (unless the consumer declines re-examination in writing).

The Consumer may be entitled to restitution if an animal becomes sick or dies after purchase and a veterinarian certifies that the animal was unfit for purchase.

It is the consumer’s responsibility to have the animal examined by a veterinarian and to obtain the written certification.  The certification is required in order to apply for restitution and must be presented to the pet store where the animal was purchased.


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