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The property owner and the towing company have a contract for the towing and the property owner has authorized the towing company to remove the particular vehicle.

The requirements do not apply to a single-family home or an owner-occupied multi-unit structure, and the signage requirements are different for a residential community with clearly marked assigned spaces for residents.

UNLAWFUL PRACTICES FOR TOWING COMPANIES, The Act prohibits towing companies from the following:

Failing to release a vehicle hooked or lifted, but not actually removed from private property, upon request of the vehicle’s owner;

Trolling (cruising) for vehicles parked without authori- zation;

Paying for information about vehicles parked without authorization;

Refusing to accept an insurance company check or a debit card, charge card, credit card or check for towing or storage services, if the towing company or- dinarily accepts such payment at its place of business;

Charging for a towing or storage service not on the Division’s schedule of services; and

Charging an unreasonable or excessive fee.


The towing company’s fees must be reasonable. A reason- able fee is considered one that is no more than 25% greater than the company’s fee for the same vehicle-owner-ap- proved towing services, or no more than 50% above the fees charged by other towing companies in the commu- nity for the same towing services without the vehicle owner’s permission.

Towing and storage charges cannot exceed rates set by town ordinance. Type your paragraph here.

​The Act requires that after a vehicle is towed:

The vehicle must be stored in a secure facility;

The facility’s business office must be open to the public between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. at least five days a week; and

A towing company must make reasonable accommodation for after-hours release of stored vehicles. The towing company may charge for after-hours release. 

Unattended cars cannot be towed from private parking lots, unless:

There is a sign, no smaller than 36” high by 36” wide, posted at vehicular entrances to the property stating:

1)  The purposes for which parking is authorized;

2)  The times when parking is permitted;

3)  That unauthorized parking is prohibited and unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense;

4)  The name of, and contact information for, the towing company and the address of the storage facility–which must be secure and located within a reasonable distance of the property–to which the vehicle will be towed;

5)  The charges for towing and storage and the times during which the vehicle may be redeemed; and

6)  Contact information for the Division of Consumer Affairs (1-800-242-5846). Type your paragraph here.


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