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List of Presentations

Staying Alert Against Scams & Fraud (20-50 minutes)

Protecting Yourself in a Retail World (25-55 minutes)

Contractor-Homeowner, The Contract Protects Everyone (45-55 minutes)

What to Know when leasing, purchasing and Auto Repairs (30-40 Minutes)

Small Business Development - What I should know (20 Minutes)

We are Consumer Affairs (10 Minutes) (intro for other programs)

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Division of Consumer Affairs - Office of Consumer Protection

220 E Ridgewood Avenue
201-336-6400 - Office / 201-336-6416 - Fax

Christina D'Aloia 

Acting Director Consumer Affairs

The Bergen County Division of Consumer Affairs, Office of Consumer Protection, is charged with the protection of the public, educating the consumers and businesses about their rights, responsibilities, and ensuring that businesses comply with the Consumer Protection laws of the State of New Jersey.  We provide Educational and Informational Presentations that will assist Consumers to prevent  fraud before it affects them.  We will customize a presentation to meet your needs.  Some of the topics we cover are:

Identity Theft – Staying Alert
Retail, Gift Cards / Gift Certificates, Refund Policies
Purchasing Furniture
Contracting a  Home Improvement Project
Purchasing a Vehicle & What the Lemon Law Covers
Dealing with Moving Companies
Signing a contract with a Health Club
Purchasing a Dog or Cat at the Pet Store
Special Program for Home Improvement Contractors & Homeowners

The Bergen County Office of Consumer Protection’s representative will discuss how to report a complaint to our office and how to verify online, if a Home Improvement Contractor is registered in the State of New Jersey.  We will also discuss the process to file a complaint in Small Claims Court and the Role of the Better Business Bureau, which is very much different from our role.  However, if your organization has a specific topic that you would like our representative to cover, please let us know.

All the Investigators assigned to Bergen County Office of Consumer Protection are Retired Law Enforcement with diverse Federal, County and Municipal backgrounds who work closely with a multitude of agencies.  Our entire staff is trained and has been certified by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.

Thank you for your interest in our program.  If you would like to learn more about the Bergen County Office of Consumer Protection, please contact our Outreach Coordinator, Investigator Denis Niland at 201-336-6409 or email dniland@co.bergen.nj.us 




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